Dr. med. Frank Bätje
Born in 1960, after studying human medicine in Mainz and Lübeck, he has been working as a doctor since 1990.

After years of further training in internal medicine, ENT, tropical medicine and surgery, he obtained specialist recognition as a general practitioner in 2000, together with additional qualifications in rescue medicine and chiropractic.

He has been a general practitioner in Hanover since 2000 and in his own private practice since 2008 (www.dr-baetje.de). His main interest - the human musculoskeletal system - led him already in 2000 to extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) and his professional network to specialize in the treatment of bone healing disorders.

He currently works with three different devices, both in his practice in Hanover and in two large clinics in Lower Saxony.

Dr. Bätje has been an active member of the German-speaking ESWT specialist society DIGEST e.V. for many years. (www.digest-ev.de) as well as in the international specialized society ISMST (www.ismst.com) and reports on congresses on its work and the treatment results.

He regularly organizes workshops for doctors and trains them in equipment technology, therapy details and marketing - knowing that the shock wave therapeutic wheel must always turn to avoid standstill.

Dr. Bätje works with colleagues in the Focused On Shockwaves working group (www.FocusedOnShockwaves.com), mainly in the field of bone healing disorders.

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