Dr. Reinhold Zimmermann
Head of the Clinic of Urology and Andrology at Paracelsus Medical University / General Hospital Salzburg SALK

Began residency. Strong interest in various aspects of shock wave application.
Research on SWL and adjacent topics, such as high-intensity focused ultrasound.

Scientific work on EWST since the first investigative trial on chronic pelvic pain was initiated at the University of Tübingen (Germany). Two papers published on this topic in the British Journal of Urology and European Urology.

University of Salzburg (Austria): consultant in the Department of Urology. Main research topics: SW application for bladder disorders and erectile dys-function. Currently running a comprehensive study protocol for the latter, which specifically takes andrological aspects into account.

Salzburg University of Natural Sciences: basic research on cellular aspects of SWs with a comprehensive investigational protocol that includes electron microscopy. 

Basic research into the urological aspects of spinal chord injury and tissue regeneration, including SW application in a more experimental setting.

Conducts laparoscopy and stone surgery in both clinical and investigational contexts.

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