Dr. Stephan Swart
Specialist in orthopaedics Medical osteopath, acupuncturist, sports medicine, physical therapy, manual therapy, FDM Advanced Therapist, osteology.


Study of law in Cologne, study of human medicine in Cologne
Residency in: St. Anna Hospital, Duisburg, Johanne-Etienne Hospital, Neuss
St. Josef Hospital, Oberhausen, Damp Klinikum, Damp / Baltic Sea in the fields of trauma surgery, general surgery and orthopaedics with a degree in orthopaedics.

Since 1999 he has had his own practice in Neukirchen-Vluyn, since 2002 he has had a joint practice with Dr. med. Carlo Di Maio.
Intensive training and further education in the field of TCM medicine, manual therapy, sports medicine, trigger point theory, shock wave application and osteopathy. 

Independent development of the Integrative Fascial Pain Therapy (IFS) as his own therapy concept.

Since 2011, combining the findings from fascial therapy with the possibilities of shock waves. 

National and international training of physiotherapists and physicians in Integrative Fascial Pain Therapy and the corresponding application of shock waves.

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